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Le Marche, Italy

Beaches and art without the crowds

Le Marche, a region halfway up the eastern side of Italy’s boot, is slowly being discovered by Brits: visitor numbers were up 24% in the year to August, though from a very low base. And tourists are staying there longer – enjoying the region’s beaches, hilltop villages, art-filled towns and great outdoors for their own sake, rather than making a quick foray from Umbria or Abruzzo.

Hospitality in Le Marche used to be in staid business hotels or pack-’em-in beachside billets, with (uninspiring) half-board compulsory in summer. But a younger generation has taken the British concept of bed-and-breakfast to their hearts…read more (source The Guardian)

How to do Le Marche, Italy, on a budget

Stretching for around 100 miles along the Adriatic coast, with hilltowns to rival those of Tuscany and Umbria, Le Marche is a gorgeous and affordable region to explore

If Le Marche seems like one of Italy’s least known regions, that’s probably because we’re looking at it from the outside. Because “the Marches” – the historic borderlands of the Papal States – more than pull their weight in the national psyche. Giacomo Leopardi, Italy’s great 19th-century author, was marchigiano. So was revolutionary educator Maria Montessori. Le Marche brought back more gold medals per head from London 2012 than any other Italian region – two-thirds of an invincible female fencing team were from one small town, Jesi. Even Lionel Messi, the Argentinian footballer, has roots there: his ancestors emigrated from Recanati in the 19th century…read more (source The Guardian)

Is Le Marche the Next Tuscany?

“I BRING you a taste of my verdicchio,” says our host as my friend Laurie and I sit down to dinner beside a murmuring fire. We’re in the timber-and-stone dining room of a 250-year-old farmhouse whose owners, Mario and Mara Boria have converted into a casual, eight-room agriturismo outside the small Italian town of Castelraimondo. Mario brings a liter of a pale white wine, and places it on the table, beaming…read more (source New York Times)

Le Marche, the new Tuscany

A treasure for passionate and discerning travellers

I have always believed at love at first site. I know exactly what I like and when I walk into a hotel or a restaurant I immediately sense whether or not I will have a good experience. This is exactly what happened when I visited le Marche. Most people fall in love with Italy because of its beautiful landscape, great food and picturesque cities. I was one of them. But let me tell you something: as beautiful as it may be it is incredibly unappealing to walk in the main piazza of any town and hear every language but Italian. Passionate and discerning travellers always seek and treasure authenticity, which is what in my opinion, differentiates a holiday from an experience…read more (source Wall Street Journal)

Le Marche: experience pure magic in eastern Italy

Lucy Gillmore gets away from the rat race and finds her inner child at a hotel and spa in the hills of eastern Italy

Day one: I padded into the room in leggings and thick socks clutching a cup of “happiness” herbal tea. There were blankets and cushions on the floor in a big circle. In the middle, a box of tissues: man-size. Within minutes someone was holding my feet while another member of the group was rubbing my back and I was fighting the urge to go for a full-on cuddle…read more (source Evening Standard)

Family holidays in the Marche, Italy

The Marche is very pretty and has fewer visitors than Umbria, though its not exactly undiscovered these days. While it doesn’t have quite the range of cultural highlights and quaint towns as Umbria, a town like Urbino (and nearby Urbania) is the equal of any in Italy for art, charm and history.

Just over the border in the Emilia-Romagna region lies San Leo, with its remarkable fortress is worthwhile (San Marino, which is all crowds and souvenir shops, far less so)…read more (source The Telegraph)

Impressions of Le Marche: A Wandering Photo Essay

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